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More Rule Edits

TheFatman EBDonator posted Jun 20, 14
So yet again the rules must be edited.

Changes to Miscellaneous Rules

  • Added clear rule about AFKing

Changes to Situational Notes
  • Changed name to Rule Notes

Changes to Map Related Rules
  • Added rule about glitching cars on 67th.
  • Added rule about messing with props on richland

Changes to Examples of Kickable Names
  • Added rule about copying a players names completely
  • Added rule about closely copying a players name

Please Pm me on the forums with your steam id.

Go to your steam profile, Right click and copy page url, paste it in to http://steamidfinder.com/ and copy your id.

A Few Rule Updates

TheFatman EBDonator posted May 4, 14
  • Added a section of examples of names that are kickable.
  • Added rule about attempting to crash/crashing the server.
More to be added soon.
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