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TheFatman EBDonatoro posted Feb 23, 14
We are not currently voting on any moderator applications. I said this a few times in game but we are still getting applications in so I figured I would make a post. The reason we are not voting on any right now is because we have several moderators and none have been bumped up to admin yet. We need some to get bumped up to admin before we will need new mods. At the moment I personally don't think any are ready for an admin but some of them are working their way to it. It just would not be effective adding more mods at the moment.
FriggenCake Donator Now that we are down to just a few Mods, and only two out of four that I know of are actually active, when are you plann ...
bigmaa34 DonatorMC-Alpha <3
CunningLemur Donator OK. thanks for clearing this up.


TheFatman EBDonatoro posted Dec 26, 13
So for those that don't know, Our server host (NFO) has been getting DDoSed quite a bit lately. This is the cause of the lag. They have been upping security and changing hardware to try and prevent future attacks. We understand this is a pain in the ass but all we can do is wait for NFO to fix the problem on their side.

Quote from NFO "A large DDoS attack in Dallas overloaded multiple Internap NSP network links at around 12:01am CST this morning, causing packet loss and high latencies for clients. The attack was also large enough to exceed our 10 Gbps link to Internap. We applied a null-route to block traffic to the target upstream and this has effect. We are continuing to monitor for further attacks and will react quickly to any more that we see."
XslasherX Donator Well, that sucks a bunch. Hope it doesn't happen again soon.
NerdAlert Donator Hopefully they fix it soon
squint0924 Donator Well that sucks.

The Taser Patch

Awesome McBodyshot EBModTTT posted Oct 20, 13  -  notespatchtaserupdate
Server Update:

The following update includes an updated version of PointShop, a new weapon (the Detective's Taser), buffs to the P90 & Jihad Bomb, kill credit for the Headcrab Launcher, and various bug fixes for a lot of weapons.

The specifics for this update are as follows:
ifisec " While Makan acknowledges that the computer was necessary to the composition of the piece, it<br><img src ...
JuicyPurpleJuice DonatorMC-Alpha Do you think we can try the ragdoll on the taser? Or do you think it will be too many RDM's?
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