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Don't Click Links You Get On Steam!

TheFatman EBDonator posted Nov 12, 14
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Server Is Back Up

TheFatman EBDonator posted Nov 2, 14
Some changes have been made to prevent things like this in the future, more updates will likely be made in the next few days.
Magnificent One Will we get the taser back?

Server Will Be Down For A Bit

TheFatman EBDonator posted Nov 1, 14
As I'm sure most of you know some very lovely things happened on the server and as a security precaution we will be doing a bit of file maintenance and updating.

Server will be down for 24-48 hours or more if needed.
Dylan819 I tried to rebel Against the false god and I was slain as a result, DEATH TO THE FALSE GOD!
Kakashi Hatake TTT Back to Minecraft I guess
mesql TTTDonator Well, there went my plans for the weekend.
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