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I do not like calling it a rule as it was intended as a guideline for staff to tell when an attempt rdm should be a slay vs a karma pen. I decided to add it to the Rule Notes section to prevent any further confusion.

Just for extra explanation, Innocent 1 does 50+ damage to Innocent 2 but Innocent 2 killes them.

Innocent 1 should get a slay and not a Kpen because it was attempt rdm and they already lost karma for the damage done. Taking away more karma would be overkill.

TheFatman EBDonator Unfortunately that is a grey area that makes ttt such a bitch to moderate. It is usually pretty rare to see 45-50 damage ...
jax5star TTTDonator Lets say innocent 1 does 48 damage and innocent 2 kills them, would it be a kpen since it is not 50 or is it circumstant ...

Don't Click Links You Get On Steam!

TheFatman EBDonator posted Nov 12, 14
Read this post,

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Server Is Back Up

TheFatman EBDonator posted Nov 2, 14
Some changes have been made to prevent things like this in the future, more updates will likely be made in the next few days.
Magnificent One Will we get the taser back?
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