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(Edited) Quick rule edit

TheFatman EBDonator posted Jul 29, 14
  • Added 4 rules to the Map Related section
    • Refrain from putting props in the teleporters on 67th.
    • Do not headcrab the elevators or air lift on Crummy cradle. It will crash the server. (Done intentionally will result in a ban)
    • Do not use grapples in the vent on Dolls. It drops everyone inside to their death.
    • Do not putting props at the bottom of the ladder on Community Pool, all kills as inno or detective will count as rdm, T on T kills will also count as rdm.
  • Added 1 rule to Rule Notes section
    • Activating traps or placing objects were they will kill players (mine, props at bottom of ladder on pool, ect.) preround still leads to death and the rdms still counts.

Cool_Cabbage Donator Right however that should be added to the list of rules because three different staff members have tried to argue differ ...
TheFatman EBDonator They don't need to warn you because of the big red countdown for the c4 you can see from anywhere on the map for a minim ...
Cool_Cabbage Donator should be clarified whether or not T's must give warnings to their T buddies when planting C4, seems to be conflicting b ...

More Rule Edits

TheFatman EBDonator posted Jun 20, 14
So yet again the rules must be edited.

Changes to Miscellaneous Rules

  • Added clear rule about AFKing

Changes to Situational Notes
  • Changed name to Rule Notes

Changes to Map Related Rules
  • Added rule about glitching cars on 67th.
  • Added rule about messing with props on richland

Changes to Examples of Kickable Names
  • Added rule about copying a players names completely
  • Added rule about closely copying a players name

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